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Are you counting for some cute and funny ways to say thank you for the birthday wishes you received from everyone? Choose the best birthday, thank you notes from this long list of sample messages and return a wonderful appreciation to all your friends and family members through your Facebook status or a text.

Thank You Birthday Quotes!

Birthday thank you wishes

Thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes, via FB, phone calls, and text messages. Here is to my last year in my 20! Crazy how time flies! I had a lovely birthday celebration with great friends and family last weekend. I cherish all moments I get to spend with fabulous and fascinating people. Also my handsome hunk is taking me to the Signature Room in a few weeks! What a gem that guy   Thanks again to everyone. I love you guys.

Hey family thank you for making me feel so special and making me actually feel part of a family who loves me if I do anything wrong to offend anyone of you please let me know. I want to always keep it 100%. Real that's the only way for our family to stay united. I can't wait to spend my birthday and the holidays coming with you. I love you and I would die for you.

Thank God for blessing us all to see on my party, thank everybody for the birthday wishes I really appreciate you. I'm just glad to still be here through all the trials and tribulations.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I would write each one of you back individually but these depends are a bit too tight!

Thank you to all my lovely friends for my birthday messages and to all of those who have tried to make it special for me.

My dearest friends and family! Most of you know I'm not great with this Facebook thing. But the flood of love I have gotten today on my birthday is truly amazing and I love and thank each of you! Oh my God, 57....and still cute! Amazing!

Thank you so much to my Facebook friends & relatives for taking your time wishing me a happy birthday and to those who surprised me with gifts, calls and messages I am really humbled ladies and gentlemen I love you all and may God bless you!

Well to be honest I never really know the proper way to thank people on here for wishing me a happy birthday with that being said I will just be a hero and thank y'all here as well as comment on everybody's post...yes I know I'm an idiot thanks people!

Thank you so much to all my terrific friends and family for the birthday wishes! All these good wishes and not one stalker-gram!

I just wanna thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. All the calls, sms', whatsapp messages and wall posts are much appreciated. I had a lovely day indeed.

My profound gratitude goes to my friends and relatives who share with me one way or the other hand a birthday wishes this day. May God grant us our heart desires and guides us against evil! Thank you all for making my day.

Thank you, everyone for the birthday wishes. I woke up this afternoon thinking I wanted to do something, but had nothing in mind. Somehow, I wound up cleaning my bedroom closet. Note to self: I really need to specify what I want to do...otherwise I get into trouble.

Thank you all for all of the warm birthday wishes you sent my way. I am again overwhelmed with so many friends and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks to you all that make my birthday a joyful one, by text, Facebook or one way or the other, I say thank you all!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and any fellow party revelers that joined me over the weekend thanks for the fun times.

I would like to send a thank you shout out to everyone who made me feel special yesterday for my birthday it met a lot to me and hope to see another year from now.

I'm using this medium to say a big thank you to all my friends that wished me happy birthday.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday messages that I got over the weekend. I tried to thank each of you and I hope I didn't miss anybody. God has blessed me more than I deserve with my amazing family and friends!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on Saturday! It really means a lot to me! Also, thank you to for those who came to my surprise birthday party! It was great seeing you all again and I had a blast!

Thanks to you my sisters, brothers and friends for wishing me a happy birthday, I had a good time and I thank GOD for you all. I just don't regret having people like you in my life.

Thank you so much for all of the beautiful birthday wishes. It was a great birthday weekend, actually. I went to the auction, out to eat with amazing friends, I had visits and call from the best of friends and just felt the love. I am feeling better. Again, thank you for all your prayers. As I read each birthday post, I remember sweet moments with every one I read. I am one blessed person. I thank my God upon every remembrance of each of you.

What a wonderful birthday! I started the day with amazing friends at a surprise party! I ended the day with amazing friends. And, I have heard from so many other amazing friends on Facebook, texts, cards and calls. I am the most blessed person. Reading your posts brings a beautiful memory of each of you.

I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes yesterday! You all hold such a special place in my heart for different reasons and in different ways. I feel blessed to call you all my friends and some of you family. I had a fantastic day!

Good Morning America I just want to say that I had a great birthday yesterday. .. I'm happy to be here in the land of the living. Thank you all for your kind texts and Facebook love on my birth day...

I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, I feel so blessed and so loved that so many people took the time to say happy birthday to me this year. It is very humbling to know how loved. I am by so many people but anyways, I love you all and thank you again it means so much to me.

Thank you everybody for the birthday well wishes and likes! It was my best birthday ever seeing as I got to spend the whole day with my daughter!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I had a great birthday thanks to my friends and family. Sure wish those years were going in the opposite direction thou, oh well, that's life. Thanks again!

Thank you everyone for your warm and loving birthday wishes. I had a lovely day today filled with love and happiness and a few surprises thanks to my girls. I couldn't ask for anything more... I'm truly blessed and very lucky.

Thank you very much to everyone, friends, family, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances that took time to send birthday wishes!! It is a great reminder of how broadly our lives have touched one another on the road of life!! You all helped make "51" a special day!

To all my friends, relatives and love ones who greeted me for my special day, thank you very much for your precious time to post your greetings. But most of all thank you Lord for all the blessings and trials that come my way." God is good all the time"...

Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes here and by "snail mail". I had a fabulous day. My "birthday month" is still not over. More greetings are coming! How about a "birthday year"? Love you all.

I would like to thank all of my Facebook family and friends for all of the well wishes, love and hugs that were bestowed upon me on my day yesterday-my birthday!!!! You really made it great to have so many people thinking of you. Much love to all of you!!! Again Thanks!

Special thanks to each and everyone that took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday! It was a truly wonderful day - perfect in so many ways big and small!

Thank you everyone for all the Birthday wishes. I couldn't ask for a better day. God has truly blessed me with a beautiful family and friends. Thanks!

Thank you all handsome dudes and beautiful ladies for the birthday messages, phone calls, money transfers and the gifts :) you made my day worth it. Meanwhile am still open to receive more. Cheers!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I woke up to candles, cakes and a cheering family in my room. Best thing ever.

Thank you to my family for a great birthday party yesterday. I love my gift but more than anything having all of us together at one time always makes me happy. I Love all of you!

My 21st birthday was a success! I would like to say thank you to my mom & Scott. Thank you for the gifts, you know me too well (: Thank you to Ash for dinner & my new giant blanket! Thank you to my brother for getting cleaned up & looking nice for dinner. And to Sammy for always being a buddy And a big thank you to ash, Amy, Alyssa & Austin for celebrating with me.

I have a great birthday party today; I like the angel cake & also received many birthday presents and wish from my friends, thank you very much, I hope all of you also happy and enjoy today fun.


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